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Pocket Cards:
The two cards you get start of a hand.

To make small bets in the hope of getting called from a player with a lesser hand.

Slowplay: To not bet or raise with a very strong hand.

The amount of chips a player has.

Suited Connectors:
Two cards of consecutive rank and the same suit.

Quirk or action a player makes that will reveal their hand.

Tilt: When a player's emotions negatively affect their judjment.



Poker Sites

Online Poker Site Reviews

Online PokerSites Reviewed. PlayTournamentPoker.com lists the biggest and the best poker rooms and internet pokersites.




Pacific Poker

( 40% deposit bonus up to $200 )

PacificPoker poker room has become quite popular among casino players, offering very "soft games" with less than average good players, quite good player volume, and a decent amount of promotions. Pacific Poker room has mostly online casino clients, bringing their casino players to the poker tables with makes the games a bit wilder than average.Most games are offered, as well as single and multi-table tournaments. Online Texas Hold'em hand rankings, Overall pacificpoker is a good site for poker players. More

Pacific Poker Lobby    Pacific Poker Table


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Full Tilt Poker

( 100% Deposit Bonus )

Full Tilt Poker offers the best in online poker: world famous pros, a huge bonus, real or play money. Play poker online now, it's free to download. Try Full Tilt Poker free online poker game 24 hours a day on state-of-the-art online poker software. Play for real money or for free in tournaments or ring games. Full Tilt Poker's online poker room was designed by world class poker professionals, and offers you the ability to learn, chat, and play online poker with the pros. More

 Full Tilt Poker Lobby  Full Tilt Poker Table

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Party Poker

( 20% Bonus up to $100  )

Party Poker boasts the world's highest traffic in both ring games and tournaments. Beside the huge traffic there are many other advantages with Party Poker, such as loose games, great promotions, special events and a membership referral program. There are quite a few juicy games at Party Poker with loose action even up to the $15/$30 limits. However, you don't get the statistics to easily locate those games... Party Poker has a large network of so-called "skins", where other doorway sites uses Party Poker's software, operations and player database. Real money player statistics - December 2004: 15000-16000 ring game players at peak hours, 20000-23000 tournament players at peak hours. More

Party Poker Lobby  Party Poker Table

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Royal Vegas Poker

( 50% Bonus up to $200 )

Royal Vegas Poker is part of the Prima Poker Network. This may not mean much to newbies, but that means there are a huge number of people playing at any time. Finding a place to sit will really be no problem. The network is growing more and more each day and I am pretty sure that it will become the biggest network around (If it isn't already). If you have been cruising the online gambling industry for a while, then you would have stumbled across Royal Vegas Casino on a number of occasions.

Royal Vegas Poker Lobby  Royal Vegas Poker Table

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7 Sultans

( $100 Free Bonus )

Proven to be one of the most popular Internet casinos in the world since 1999 with a massive 85 games and advanced graphics and sound. The casino offers both Flash and Download versions and remains a firm favorite with the players - Win the Sultans' Riches! Up to $100 free! Simply download free software (or order free CD) and register as a real player. Games: The 7 Sultans Casino software uses state of the art graphics and sound to deliver the ultimate gaming experience.

7 Sultans Lobby  7 Sultans Table

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Paradise Poker

( 25% Match up to $200 )

The selection of games at Paradise Poker is unparalleled. Paradisepoker offer the standards, such as Texas Hold'em, Omaha and Seven Card Stud, plus the High-Low versions of the latter two games. Paradise Poker also gives you the best Tournament and short handed table action online. More

Paradise Poker Lobby 

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( 20% Bonus up to $100  )

Ultimate Bet is geared towards all limit players. Low stakes games as low as $ .01/.02 and high stakes games like $80/160, which are some of the biggest games on the net. In addition UltimateBet offer unusual formats for their structured games. Players can play $1/$3 or $2/$5 games, which can lead to interesting strategy variation. UltimateBet's rake structure is good value. Recently the $1/$2 games maximum rake was changed from f $1.5 to $1. This puts UB's rake structure in line with most other online poker rooms. The rake structure at this site now offers good value. The tables here are pleasing to play, although the lobby can be a little "cluttered" at times when you just want to grab a seat and play. Average pots are very good in general, the stats and notes here are also of a good standard and will surface for most players. Experienced poker players should have no problem fitting in here but there are still options for the novice as well making the playability at Ultimate Bet very good.

Ultimate Bet Lobby  Ultimate Bet Table




Absolute Poker

( 50% Bonus upto $500 )

Absolute Poker is a medium sized good quality poker room, with the action concentrated to Texas Hold'em and the limit games in particular. The software is of good standard, with most advanced features, like find player, playing statistics, etc. The action at the tables is quite good, with high view flop percentages at the lower stakes tables. Real money player statistics - December 2004: 500-700 ring game players at peak hours, 500-900 tournament players at peak hours. Special $210 sign-up bonus at 35% deposit match during December More

 Absolute Poker Lobby  Absolute Poker Table

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Ladbrokes Poker

LadbrokesPoker.com is europe's busiest poker room with ladbrokes poker player numbers regularly exceeding 5,000 at peak times - spread across as many as 2,000 virtual poker tables. Ladbrokes poker is also the only site in the world not to take US players (for legal reasons) - something that is popular with Ladbrokes players, given the perception that US players are stronger. The absence of US players is beneficial to the 'community feel' of the site. In short Ladbrokes has some of the best games around. There is great multi-way pot action in all forms of poker and the highest average pot size on the web. More

  Ladbrokes Poker Lobby  Ladbrokes Poker Table


At PokerRoom.com you'll always find a table available, a wide variety of games to choose from and a ready-made community of poker players just like you! More

PokerRoom Lobby  PokerRoom Table





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